Sunday, July 13, 2014

Vacation Day 1 - Gatorland!

We are in Orlando, Florida for our family Summer vacation and we are excited!  We headed down on Friday and left the house about 6:00 am. The girls were wide awake and excited!  It was a LONG drive! We were parked on the interstate for about 2 hours in Chattanooga, TN. That part was hard on the girls,  but we survived.

For our first adventure we headed to Gatorland!  It was insane... we saw so many gators! Everyone wanted to see a Florida Gator and now we can say we have. We saw a ton! Big ones, small ones, swimming ones, walking ones and white ones! We even saw one smiling!! We went to one show that was wrestling a gator and both of the girls sat on top of a big gator. They were not even scared at all. They had a live one in the middle of the arena and they taped up its mouth... then they asked if anyone wanted to try it. Addison said yes and Charlie said no, but she changed her mind fast! They both got in line and took their turn. I thought it was hilarious because I never would have done that!! Charlie was so excited because she watches the TV shows with her daddy. They really did enjoy it!! We watched 2 shows in between our gator watching- one was up close encounters and they showed us snakes & spiders - it was a little wild. I did learn a lesson, when asked d urring a life show if I am scared of thibgs don't raise my hand! Thank God he didn't pick me!! He was looking at me and I turned my head real fast! The second show was the gator wrestling. This was the girls favorite part, sitting on the live alligator! 
I surprisingly liked Gatorland... I don't know if it was because Scott and the girls liked it so much or if it was the idea of it. It was an overwhelming uncomfortable feeling walking into these habitats and then a strange calm when the animals didn't move... until someone would throw food into the swamp water and the gator would farousciously react to get it. I think seeing the white albino alligator was the craziest!  It was huge! I mean so BIG! I just couldn't believe it! All and all it was a great first day in Florida!  I didn't even worry about my hair! And that my friends is me relaxed! Hahaha!!!     

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